Super Mario has entertained people since 1985, and the beloved video game franchise has expanded into various mediums, including fashion. Sneaker customization, also known as sneaker art or sneakerhead culture, is another trend that has gained popularity over the years. It's only natural that these two trends would eventually converge, resulting in Super Mario shoes. (1) In this article, we'll take a closer look at the history of Super Mario and sneaker customization, explore official Super Mario-themed shoes, showcase independent customizers' designs, and provide tips on how to get your own Super Mario custom shoes.

The History of Super Mario and Sneaker Customization

Super Mario is a cultural icon that has become a household name. Since the first game's release in 1985, the franchise has evolved into different mediums, including clothing and footwear. The first Super Mario-themed clothing and accessories were released in the 1980s, and since then, the trend has only grown. Sneaker customization involves modifying or customizing shoes to create unique designs. It started in the 1980s and gained popularity in the 2000s. Today, sneaker customization is a thriving industry; many independent customizers offer services online. The appeal of sneaker customization is in creating unique designs that reflect the wearer's personality and style. Sneaker customizers use various materials to develop their plans, including paint, fabric, and 3D printing. Sneaker customization has become a form of self-expression, and it's not surprising that it has attracted a following of passionate fans.

Super Mario Custom Shoes: Official Releases

Several brands have released official Super Mario-themed shoes, and have been a hit with fans. Vans released a Super Mario-themed collection that included classic Vans models, such as the Authentic and Sk8-Hi, with designs featuring Mario and other characters from the game. Puma also released a Super Mario collection that featured the RS Dreamer shoe with a design inspired by the Super Mario 64 game. Converse released a collection of classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Chuck 70s with designs featuring Super Mario characters. These official Super Mario-themed shoes are well-designed and eye-catching, making them popular among fans. They come in various colors and designs, making finding a shoe that fits your style effortless. These shoes are also made with high-quality materials, ensuring they last longer.

Super Mario Custom Shoes: Independent Customizers

Independent sneaker customizers have also created unique Super Mario-inspired designs. You can easily find these special custom shoes on popular online marketplaces like Etsy and social media platforms like Instagram. Independent customizers offer a wide range of designs, from subtle nods to the game to elaborate designs that feature the characters and elements from the game prominently. One example of an independent customizer is Daniel Reese, Sneaker Freaker. He has created several Super Mario-inspired designs, including one that features Mario and Yoshi riding in a go-kart. Reese uses various materials, including paint and fabric, to make his compositions.

Getting Your Own Super Mario Custom Shoes

Getting your own Super Mario custom shoes is relatively easy. You can order official Super Mario-themed shoes from the brands that offer them or work with independent sneaker customizers. Research and find someone with a good reputation when working with independent customizers. Be clear about what you want and provide reference images to help the customizer understand your vision. Several tutorials and resources are available online if you want to try customizing your shoes. Customizing your shoes is fulfilling and enjoyable, but it requires skill and patience to achieve the desired results. As a beginner, it's best to start with simple designs and gradually progress towards more intricate designs as you gain more experience and confidence in custom shoe design. When customizing your shoes, using high-quality materials and tools is essential. Ensuring that the materials used in creating your custom shoes are high quality is critical to achieving durability and long-lasting results, especially if you wear them regularly. Using the right tools and techniques will also ensure the design looks professional.


Super Mario custom shoes bring together two trends that have captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The iconic video game franchise and sneaker customization have resulted in unique, eye-catching designs that appeal to gamers and sneakerheads. Whether you buy official Super Mario-themed shoes or work with independent customizers to create your design, Super Mario custom shoes are a fun and unique way to express your personality and style. You can quickly start your Super Mario custom shoe journey with the tips and resources available. If you're a fan of Super Mario and want to show your love for the iconic video game franchise, there's no better way than with a pair of custom shoes inspired by the game. Gearsnkrs is the perfect place to bring your ideas to life and create a couple of game shoes that are uniquely yours. So, head to Gearsnkrs today and start designing your Super Mario custom shoes!


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